My Background

I have not always been a psychotherapist!  Like many others in the field this is a second career for me, and I came into it gradually after developing an interest in psychology and mental health in adulthood.

In my previous career I worked as an IT training consultant and technical author.  This might seem like a huge shift, but actually my favourite parts of working in IT were the human connections, and developing relationships with colleagues in project teams around the world.  Through that experience I learned that I am interested in connecting with human beings in all their diversity and have a desire to support people in meeting their potential.

During my initial training years (2009-2012) and when I was first qualified I built up experience as a volunteer in the charitable sector.  I have worked for various organisations such as CruseListening Post and the Miscarriage Association.   In 2013 I moved into private practice, which I have been doing ever since.

Up until very recently (August 2023) I also worked as a Lecturer at Gloucestershire college teaching and supervising students on the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

In 2020 I decided to pursue further development professionally and personally so I studied a Masters Degree in Advanced Clinical Practice, which deepened and expanded on the skills and knowledge from my original training.


UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

BACP Accredited Therapist

MA Advanced Clinical Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, at  The Minster Centre, validated by Middlesex University, London

Foundation Degree in Therapeutic Counselling, University of Gloucestershire

Certificates in Counselling Skills and Studies, CPCAB

Professional development training in Bereavement, Trauma, Self-harm, Mental health, Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology

I am committed to an ongoing programme of personal and professional development through therapy, supervision and regular training.  Please ask if you would like further information.

What kind of person am I?

I keep my personal life separate from clients for reasons of privacy, but that doesn't mean that you will be dealing with a so-called "blank screen".  I am primarily a warm and present person who enjoys being actively engaged in listening and learning about others.  Like most people I have had a rich life experience with all of the ups and downs that come with it.

As I've got older, I've become very grounded and comfortable with myself. I'm secure in my own thoughts and feelings, but I also like to be challenged in my thinking, and working with a diverse range of clients helps me to do that.  Clients tell me that they value my reliability, consistency and calmness.

Although I am kind and caring, that doesn't mean that I will blindly affirm you in everything you say.  I am sensitive and gentle when necessary, but I also know how to be challenging sometimes.  If you've never had therapy before that might sound a bit difficult, but actually being sensitively challenged when you're stuck can be liberating, it can free your perspective and help you to develop as a person.

What you can expect from me

  • I will respect you as an individual
  • You can set the pace and the agenda
  • I will offer you my non-judgemental acceptance and try to understand your unique perspective
  • I will not try to tell you what to do
  • You can rely on me to be trustworthy and work in your best interests
  • A professional and ethical standard of practice
Abby Ord 2022