January 2024 Update:

This group is no longer taking applications.  To register your interest for future groups please contact me on abbyord.psychotherapy@gmail.com


Empowerment for Therapists

A new regular facilitated group for counsellors starting in January 2024

Offering support and CPD for recently qualified therapists of any modality starting out in private practice.

Starting out in the counselling profession can sometimes feel quite lonely, particularly in contrast to the training years when you typically have a large group of peers and the support of agencies and group supervision.  In private practice, you can miss out on the companionship of colleagues or the sense of community and encouragement that comes through having a peer group.

This new initiative is about helping recently qualified therapists to support each other as you take your first steps into private practice.  I aim to provide a supportive space for personal and professional development, helping you to grow beyond your training and come into your power as a professional counsellor.


  • Small group size, no more than 6 participants
  • A nurturing space in which to develop your potential
  • Workshops for the practical aspects of creating a private practice
  • Opportunities to share knowledge and skills
  • Time for fun and connection

Although there may be some elements of overlap, this group is not to be used as a replacement for supervision or personal therapy

Who is this for?

This group for any counsellor or psychotherapist who is new to the profession and thinking about starting a private practice.  If you would like to develop a business at the same time as connecting with a supportive peer group of colleagues then this is the group for you.

Practical information

Central Cheltenham Location

Monthly sessions except for July and August (see dates listed below)

Mondays 4:30 – 7:30pm

£35 per month

CPD certificate for 30 hours of personal and professional development (meets the annual requirement for BACP registration)

Opportunities for 1-2-1 coaching if required

Unfortunately my offices are not accessible for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues.  If this prevents you from attending, but you are still interested in joining a group please let me know as I will consider additional accessible options if there is a need.

Dates for 2024

22nd January

19th February

18th March

22nd April

20th May

17th June

9th September

7th October

11th November

9th December

Dates have been set around avoiding typical holiday times and school holidays

Typical Programme

4:30-5:00 arrival, meditation, checking in

5:00-6:00 workshop or exercise on a specific theme

6:00-6:30 break, refreshments, socialising

6:30-7:30 reflections, processing, goal setting

The programme is intended to support the group process and as such will be adapted if needed

Facilitated by Abby Ord

I am an experienced counsellor and now a registered psychotherapist, having been in private practice for 10 years.  My private practice has evolved with me through different phases of my life, both shrinking and expanding as my needs and commitments have changed.  I also have extensive experience in agency settings, including management and assessment.

I have spent many years as a group facilitator and lecturer in counselling at Higher Education levels.  I absolutely love groupwork and I’m passionate about the potential for a group to support individual and collective growth and change.

I hope to see the participants on this journey build a business that meets their unique needs and talents, and to empower them to make solid ethical decisions about their work and their personal and professional development.


The group size will be no more than 6 and no fewer than 3 participants (plus 1 facilitator)

The cost is £35 per month, coming to a total of £350 for 10 monthly sessions (every month of 2024 except July and August when we will break for Summer)

Payment of £35 for the first session in advance, followed by a balance payment of £315 before the second session, although I am happy to negotiate a payment plan if required. Fees are non-refundable if you miss a session.

If you decide after the first session that this group is not for you, then you have the opportunity to leave the group at that stage.  If you decide to continue it is with the understanding that you will do your best to attend every session and support your colleagues in their process.  Please do not start this closed group process if you are aware of any personal issues that may cause you to have to leave the group before the end of the year.

To be accepted into the group you will need to provide evidence of your qualification, membership of a professional body, and to confirm your supervisor's details.

Group starts January 2024

Contact me to register

Telephone: 07583 391427
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